Shop The Best Selection Of Bongs And Water Pipes

Shop The Best Selection Of Bongs And Water Pipes

This bong is sure to be a conversation starter and will make you the envy of all your stoner friends. Straight tube bongs have a vertical tube from the base that ends in a mouthpiece. They are extremely popular. Straight tube bongs have a downstem but not much else. As an ecommcerce company we keep our overhead low and pass those savings on to our customers. But the smoothness, value and performance our pieces achieve are only matched by luxury water pipes that sell for two and three times as much.

Glass bongs are by far better than plastic and for a variety of reasons. Plastic bongs remain a good option for bong buyers on a budget, but investing in a water bong made of glass will extend the life of your accessory. Users that are looking for maximized performance, weed vaporizer machine –, functionality and quality will prefer glass bongs over plastic bongs. Glass bongs deliver a smoother and higher quality hit, without the plastic components. Glass water bongs have a higher breakage rate than plastic bongs. However, they are the most cost-effective and classic option for bong enthusiasts who intend to use their bongs long term.

Check out our vape pens for a more convenient way to smoke! Crystal-encrusted accessories for smoking will add a touch luxury to your smoke breaks. StayLit Design offers luxury at a price that is always affordable. This magical mushroom bong will enhance your next smoke sesh.

Even though Bongs seem like a modern-day smoking accessory, it has existed since centuries. History tells that the use of bongs to smoke dry herbs began in the 16th Century. It then spread all the way up to the present day. Basic models start at a very reasonable price and can cost as little as $20. Mini Bongs equipped with more advanced features cost a little bit more. Mini Bongs work in a similar way to full-sized bongs.

While the idea of a glycerin-based bong is fantastic, the smoothness of the glycerin and the cooling power are far superior when compared to an ice-based bong. Ice bongs feature what’s called a straight tube with an ice squeeze. This pinch consists of an indented, glass piece that holds a couple of ice-cubes. It cools the smoke as it moves around the ice. Freeze Pipe’s combination of glycercin coolant + function + price is what makes it so special. We will never be the cheapest. But compared to expensive competitors, such as Illadelph Glass or Mav Glass, our pieces perform better at a cheaper cost.

Ceramic bongs are becoming increasingly popular due to their elegant and unique design. Ceramic is very durable and perfect for smokers who drop things a lot. Ceramic bongs provide a more flavorful smoking session than other materials. This is due to the fact that they can retain heat much better than glass and silicone. On the downside, ceramic bongs can be heavy and difficult to clean due to their porous nature. Don’t buy cheaply manufactured glass bongs from a random headshop or online. Browse our carefully designed pieces to find a piece that reflects your individuality.