Modern Glass Bong Designer Smoking Essentials

Modern Glass Bong Designer Smoking Essentials

Although silicone bongs are more durable and lightweight than glass, these materials require a bit more effort to clean compared to their glass counterparts because they aren’t transparent. This high-quality borosilicate flower dab pipe is made the same way as all our glass smoking products. The set also comes with a bowl and banger to make it super-easy to clean. This dab-rig is perfect for any smoke break. This is a great option for those looking to add a piece of statement art to their collection.

From our revolutionary, high-quality vape pens to our bongs, pipes, and accessories, you’ve found a cannabis connoisseur’s best friend. This bong is 12 inches long and has a beaker shape, so it works normally. The base has a diameter of 4.5 inch and is 6 inch wide all the way around. It comes with an Amber bowl, so you can start using it right away. There are a number of materials that can be utilized to make bongs today. This type of glass comes in tubes that glass artists shape into a final bong shape.

Visit our blog for more information about the differences. Water bongs are popular amongst stoners, tokers, and other cannabis users because of their filtration system, ease of use, as well as their popularity. Innovation and pushing boundaries of what is possible are in our blood. Since day one, we have been handcrafting our Tank products in LA to our world-class standards of quality. I’ve had a bong or two over the years. They can be tall, short, plastic, fancy, utilitarian – you name it.

As such, a quality bong will cost more than a simple “puff and pass” tool. It’s a great way to get that beautiful smoke. We have a huge collection of themed bongs, including Jango Fett (Rick & Morty), Pikachu (Pikachu the cat), and Mad Scientist (Mad Scientist). Take a look here at our section on Special Prices and Sales to see all of the amazing items we offer pax 3 vaporizer for weed less money than the retail prices. Small Bong is also highly recommended whereas the design of a bong keeps getting larger and larger for the hunt for novelty, small bong reminds of its classical rules in the bong collections.

During a visit to his Gardena studio, Gonzales, who hails from Peru, explained, with Lady translating from Spanish, that glass work is in his blood. Canada Post is used for both the Jupiter Grass Head Shop & our drop shipping partners. Our American customers will soon be able to choose from a unique selection of smoking accessories and lifestyle products. Orders placed from within the USA will be fulfilled by our drop shipping partner in Texas. They are all useful, but they are not all the same. Every cannabis user is different and has specific needs. How well do you believe a 10-inch tall beaker glass bong is for your needs?